Modern Design

Custom design our facilities to our customers, we are creating modern works in the industry by developing pioneering production and assembly processes.

Innovative and Technological

Our park machine with advanced technology, according to our customers’ requirements and objectives, aluminum trapeze, suspended ceiling panels, cladding panels, canopy steel construction and fuel stations are producing other products for the corporate identity.

Production Park

Cnc our production facilities routers, digital printing, bending presses, NC guillotine, source, eccentric presses, trapeze, P200, P250, paint ovens and machines, plexi-heating furnace, band saws, welding machines, we use the horizontal and roll circle machines.


A quarter century of experience we owe our quality. As ALPA, HSE – Quality our understanding, OHSAS 18001, TS EN ISO 9001 and TS is the first company in the industry, we have documented with EN ISO 14001.


Why Alpa?

Innovative approach and continuous development of a line of contemporary outdoor advertising industry aimed at ALPA one of the leading companies, the solution offers a rational and effective solutions to partners. Business and services without compromising the quality of an important element in accepting ALPA company culture to comply with international standards, since 1986, gas stations corporate identity, front panel and aluminum ceiling panels gives the production and assembly services.

About Us